New resort planned for Alphonse Island


Located nearly 400 kilometers southwest of the archipelago’s main island Mahe, Alphonse is part of the outer islands of the Seychelles. Information availed to this column speaks of a project to build 6 multi-bedroom villas, all with a private pool and elevated Bali style, while a further 12 suites are due to be constructed around a central spa area, allowing for the enchanting sea views the Seychelles are so well known for.

The island can be reached by air, with a paved landing strip of about 1,200 meters in length providing for the use of STOL aircraft operated by scheduled and charter companies. It presently already has a small resort in operation of about 25 rooms. Arrivals by boat are also possible, albeit they take longer, of course.

The main activities for tourist visitors to Alphonse are snorkeling, diving, swimming, observing the excellent marine life, and deep sea fishing.

Confidence in a bright future for tourism has clearly returned to the Seychelles and more such announcements are in fact expected for 2010.