Weather woes and tightened security will slow New Year travel


An ongoing stormy weather pattern through the weekend will lead to delays at some major airport hubs and secondary airfields on top of heightened security in the US.

The trickiest travel today will be from the midwest to the lower Mississippi Valley.

A bit of snow can lead to some minor delays from St. Louis and Des Moines to Minneapolis to Chicago. The snow will leave a coating to an inch or two. Minor delays from the snow are possible in Detroit tonight.

Sporadic downpours and/or fog from this storm in the south can lead to delays shifting eastward from Houston to New Orleans today to Atlanta and Charlotte on Thursday.

Delays will reemerge in the northeast Thursday into the weekend as the southern storm develops switches from spotty snow, ice, and rain to a raging blizzard.

Secondary airports in northern New England to southern Ontario, Canada, could be shut down, while major delays from wind will expand from Montreal and Boston to New York City and Washington, DC.

Wind-related issues could spread through much of the midwest and southeast from the intensifying storm Friday and Saturday.

Meanwhile, in the northwest, a series of storms crashing ashore will lead to occasional tie-ups in the area through New Year’s Day. Each storm could cause delays from rain, wind, and fog in Seattle and Portland.