CHOGM hunt continues


It is now apparent that the members of the public accounts committee in parliament are out for some sacrificial lambs or “baying for blood,” as a source within parliament told this column. Further allegations emerged over the inclusion of a hotel along Entebbe road for payouts by government, in this case amounting to over 2.7 billion Uganda Shillings. Not only was the hotel far from being ready – it still is in a rump state and a constant eyesore for travelers to and from Entebbe – but it did not accommodate a single Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) function nor house any CHOGM official delegations.

While being questioned last week before the parliamentary committee, the Commissioner of Tourism either inadvertently or otherwise dropped her Minister into the hot mud when she tried to explain away how such a hotel ended up on the official list, clearly as an afterthought, with the MP’s trying to establish who was responsible for it. The Minister predictably reacted to his commissioner’s claims, and the response is featured in one of the web links below for the benefit of our readers understanding the matter better. It appears also from related reports that the CID was already instructed by the parliamentary committee on several cases to commence criminal investigations.

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