City Council locks out tourists from Uganda museum


Without apparent notice, council employees chain locked the gates and offices of Uganda’s main museum last week over alleged failure to pay property taxes, keeping out a number of locals who had come to see the assembled cultural attractions kept in this governmental institution along with tourists brought there by their bewildered tour guides.

As the holiday season unfolds, demand for visits normally increases as pupils coming home from boarding schools come to the museum wanting to see the heritage and history of the country.

It was also learned that a similar swoop took place in the city center, where the building that houses the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, and Industry was also locked up over alleged failures of the landlord paying property rates, leaving the top echelon of the ministry and all staff locked out, unable to access phones, or deal with any matters arising.

City council staff are notorious for their aggressive behavior when trying to enforce council by-laws, and when the so-called graduated tax was still in place, this correspondent regularly saw people being mistreated and even beaten up by the council staff in order to extract taxes from them.