New Tanzanian payment system needs changes


Some of the Tanzanian tour and safari operators have requested changes to the present system of paying for park entrance fees, which – to counter fraudulent practices at the various gates – was introduced by TANAPA in 2007. The system is in place across the norther’ circuit where the banks participating in the scheme have set up cash and card machines.

The cashless payments were welcomed at the time by tour and safari operators to avoid the loss of cash, but issues emerged reportedly soon afterwards about how the system works.

The complaints are apparently focused on the use of MasterCard payments, which operators claim often remain unpaid by the bank yet they (the operators) have provided services and made payments on behalf of their clients, who by the time the dispute arises have already returned home.

However, other tour and safari operators contacted by this column claim that it may be the use of this particular brand of credit card only as others do not experience problems when processing the payment vouchers through their banks.