Star Alliance CEO says they need no hub in the desert sand of the Gulf


Star Alliance CEO Jaan Albrecht, while discussing other issues with this correspondent in Brussels last week, made it quite clear that the world’s leading airline alliance was not presently seeking a member or members from the Gulf area, saying. “We do not need a hub in the desert sand.”

He continued to point out that the Gulf area is being served by Star Alliance members from their present hubs in the east, south, and west with sufficient capacity and that the alliance’s focus remains on other areas in the world, which could add value to Star’s market standing and their passengers.

It was also understood from other remarks made by the Star Alliance CEO that Brazil’s TAM (founder member VARIG was dropped by the alliance when it went into administration at the time) and Air India, among others, were at advanced stages of discussions with Star for attaining membership but that no specific time frame could be availed at this time due to “the complex nature of compliance and harmonization of procedures and systems.”