SCTA restores the kingdom’s historical palaces


The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) started a restoration and rehabilitation program for a number of historic and heritage palaces in several Saudi cities as a part of its “Rehabilitation of historic buildings of the Saudi State during the Era of King Abdul Aziz” program.

The program aims at rehabilitating and employing the historic buildings that were built during the King Abdul Aziz era, thus transforming them into civilization and cultural centers to highlight the history of the Saudi State. The program also aims to convert these palaces as museums to display the three stages of the Saudi State and the unification of the kingdom in each province. The museums in every city or province will shed light on the history and heritage of these cities and provinces respectively. In addition, cultural lectures and events, poetry nights, exhibitions of the historical pictures of the palace and the province, along with live displays of traditional handicrafts will be held at theses restored palaces.

Since SCTA was granted authority over the museums and antiquities sector by the Council of Ministers, it implemented several plans to preserve, restore, and invest in its urban/architectural heritage in collaboration with a number of government authorities to implement major urban heritage projects.

Moreover, SCTA adopted a number of projects and initiatives to preserve the Kingdom’s urban heritage, linking it to the cultural, economical, and civilization aspects, along with developing its vessels and its human resources, such as SCTA’s Urban Heritage Villages Development Program, the Development of Traditional Souks, and historical city centers.