EL AL Airlines plans more codeshare agreements with US airlines


As part of the handover process, Haim Romano, the outgoing CEO of Israel’s EL AL Airlines, and his replacement, Eliezer Shkediare, are visiting the different EL AL offices worldwide. On their visit to New York, Romano and Shkedi said to reporters at a press conference that at the current time negotiations were underway with two or three American airlines with the aim of signing codeshare agreements, in addition to the existing one with American Airlines.

According to Romano and Shkedi, the new agreements should help to leverage EL AL’s global profile. “We’re working on developing another two or three special agreements and new relationships with domestic American carriers,” Romano told reporters.

Romano reminded those present that the decision of the FAA to downgrade Israel’s aviation safety level from category 1 had damaged EL AL’s expansion, and he revealed to the journalists in New York that 40 percent of the company’s expenses were dedicated to security. “I hope that Israel’s aviation safety level will return to its appropriate place by the middle of 2010,” said Romano.

According to the report, EL AL is expected to also announce an additional flight, its fourth weekly, to Sao Paolo in Brazil.