BOSTON, MA – Easing the challenges and costs of travel can seem daunting. Admittedly, modern-day travel travails pale next to sagas of surviving steerage passage across the Atlantic for the new world, but today’s trekkers are finding the 21st century travel terrain increasingly inhospitable.

Increases in surcharges, delays, and decreases in services and civility are unwelcome constants in travelers’ itineraries. Even those with successful routines, refined over years of online comparison shopping, are finding that navigating the rapids of non-refundable “book now before it gets away” sales pressure can lead to some regrettable deals.

For those who want to know better, there’s a wealth of world-wise travel counsel at a place called is not a travel sales site. It’s not a travel site at all. is a free informational website that offers quick answers, lengthier features and videos on a variety of topics including work and finance, health and wellness, beauty and style, relationships, family and parenting, along with gardening, celebrating, and yes, traveling.

Cruising For Bargains
With companies, families, and individuals putting the brakes on travel budgets, saving money remains a priority. While provides timely tips for finding best airfares, affordable family vacations, cruise deals, or tee times on golf vacations, its greatest value may be those easily accessible answers that can help chart a more comfortable course for travelers. That’s if you’re not simply planning to chuck it all and plan a spa vacation.

Business Before Pleasure?
That old adage is frequently followed by the one about the deadly dullness of “all work and no play.” Still, the reality of business travel today is shorter trips regardless of distance traveled and with those faster turn-arounds, the dubious pleasure of fuller flights, tighter seats, less legroom and virtually no amenities. Of course, perusing’s Business Traveler’s Guide to Traveling Comfortably and its earnest associate Business Travel Tips for Productivity can make that cross-country command appearance a bit easier to take.

Family Fun
Family vacations are often prime examples of best intentions gone awry. Here again,’s family vacation planning tips go beyond the mere booking to ensure smooth sailing whether on a family cruise or cruising in the family car. What’s more, if “family” includes a four-legged companion, the pet-friendly travel feature makes planning as easy as, well, 1-2-3.