Marketing has changed and the tourism industry needs to embrace new ways


Gone are the days when putting an ad in the paper made the phone ring. Marketing has had a huge shift since the Internet became a household research tool. The Internet allows the average Joe to access a library of travel information 24/7 from the comfort of their lounge room.

Tourism and travel operators need to embrace new online marketing methods if they want to move forward and grow as we head to 2010. The Internet allows any business, large or small, an equal playing field for the consumer dollar. Many small businesses with a great online presence are making waves across the industry.

Pay for performance marketing strategies such as affiliate marketing are now emerging in Australia after being successful for many years in the UK and America. Leah Squire owner of Internet-based travel company said, “Not only can you use affiliate marketing to drive customers to your
business, but many tourism operators could be earning a passive income from their websites.” Squire has released a “how to” book on cheap and free marketing strategies for today’s tourism and travel industry. Leah’s advice should not be dismissed lightly; her business has grown from an idea to a
multi-million dollar business in just 3 years with a database of over 20,000 and more than 2,000 people visiting the BYOkids website every day looking for a holiday. Squires book, “Marketing with no money,” also covers topics like how to get publicity, how to grow a database, branding, how to get your clients
talking, and more.

Tourism operators and travel agents need to embrace the Internet and online marketing strategies and make the Internet work for them rather than being afraid. The Internet is here to stay, and operators need to move with the times. “Marketing with no money” is available at bookstores nationally or online at .