Turtuk in Ladakh now open to foreign tourists


Want to go where no foreigner has gone before? Visit Turtuk, in the Nubra Valley of Ladakh. In a move to boost tourism, the Indian government has relaxed the Protected Area Permit Regime to allow foreign tourists to travel to Turtuk. This area was previously off limits to foreigners, who can now visit there in twos.

The border village of Turtuk, which forms part of the famed Silk Route, has an interesting history. It used to belong to Pakistan, until it was recaptured by the Indian Army in 1971.

A large number of foreign tourists are already visiting the Nubra Valley for Bactrain camel safaris, and the hot sulphur springs of Paramik. Now tourists will be able to travel along the banks of Pangong Lake, which lies on the India-China border, right up to the villages of Man and Merak. Further routes may also be opened once sufficient tourist infrastructure is developed.