HONOLULU (eTN) – The China National Tourist Office has announced that a senior China tourism delegation is scheduled to visit the United States. The visit comes after China’s “spectacular success in hosting the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.”

According to the CNTO, the aim of the group is “get down to business to further” tourism promotion activities in the US market. The delegation is seeking “to maintain connections with the travel trade in the East and West coasts of the country, introduce new industry partners from China, stimulate the tourism recovery process between the two countries, and create the greatest understanding of mutual business objectives given the current economic challenges faced around the world.”

“Despite the global economic slowdown, China considers the US as the prime market that cannot be ignored,” CNTO said.

The Chinese delegation are to visit key markets including San Francisco, Atlanta and New York City, among other locations, from December 8 through 16, 2008.

The group will consist of more than 50 senior government officials and private sector representatives and will be led by Mr. Zhifa Wang, vice-chairman of China National Tourism Administration.

The delegation will include representatives from the Beijing Tourism Bureau, Shanxi Provincial Tourism Administration, Henan Provincial Tourism Bureau, Hubei Yichang Tourism Administration, Xi’an Tourism Administration, Qinghai Tourism Bureau, Qingdao Tourism Administration, Jilin Provincial Tourism Administration, Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, Shanghai Zhabei District Tourism Bureau, Shanghai Luwan District Economic Committee, Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration, Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau, Fujian Province Taining Tourism Administrative Committee, Guangdong Provincial Tourism Administration, Yunnan Provincial Tourism Administration, Tibet Tourism Bureau, and Tibet Shigatse Prefecture Tourism Bureau.

The delegation also will include representatives from the following private companies: Henan Tourism Group Co. Ltd., Qinghai Tian Nian Ge Hotel, Beijing Tourism Group Co. Ltd., Grand Hotel Beijing, Shanghai International Conference Management Organization, Fujian Tourism Co. Ltd, Fujian Xiamen Chunhui International Travel Service Co. Ltd, Fujian Landscape Hotel, White Swan Hotel, Chongqing Tourism Holding Group, Chongqing Tourism Holding Group, YZL International Travel Service Co. Ltd, Guiyang International Travel Service, China International Travel Service, and CYTS.

The China National Tourist Office (CNTO) is tasked at overseeing the promotion of travel between China and the US.