Iceland Express competes on the transatlantic route

Iceland Express offers a direct flight four times a week between Iceland and New York starting June 2010. In light of the current economic climate, the company’s decision to fly to the US for the first time is bold, but is welcomed by travelers who hope for a lower airfare between the two countries.

Iceland will be the hub of the transatlantic service. “This is our debut flight into the US,” says Matthías Imsland, Iceland Express CEO, who is most impressed with Newark airport. “It’s close to Manhattan and offers more connecting flights within the US than any other airport in the country.”

Imsland remains optimistic in spite of the global recession and severe local currency devaluation last year. “We’re seeing record number of visitors in Iceland and tourism is more important to our economy than ever. As a result many companies in the tourism sector have had an exceptional year. The exchange rate benefits foreign tourists visiting Iceland which spells out an opportunity for a company such as Iceland Express.“

The airline includes several new destinations in 2010 including Milano in Italy, Birmingham in the UK, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Oslo in Norway, and Luxembourg –– bringing the total to 25. More routes call for more flight attendants. Last week the company advertised 50 cabin crew positions and received over 1,200 applications.

Iceland Express was founded in 2003 and its headquarters are in Iceland. It transported 136,000 passengers in its first year and nearly half a million passengers in 2007. Next summer, the company will use 5 narrow-bodied Boeing aircraft and employ 170-180 people.