6,000 people enjoy breakfast on Sydney Harbour Bridge


For the first time in its history, Australia’s iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge closed this past Saturday so 6,000 people could enjoy the ultimate picnic breakfast. Dubbed “Breakfast on the Bridge,” the free event saw an Australian landmark transformed into the ultimate family venue, including laying 10,000 square meters of Kikuyu grass and the best of local produce and musicians showcased.

“This is Sydney at its very best and another extraordinary event proving we can do anything,” said NSW Premier Nathan Rees. “Images from the event will be sent around the world, highlighting once again our amazing outdoor city. The government’s investment will be returned 10-fold by another boost to our world class reputation.”

NSW Minister for Tourism Jodi McKay said Sydney is Australia’s premier events city and “Breakfast on the Bridge” again demonstrates the city’s ability to host major events.

“This event is a fantastic international advertisement for the energy and vibrancy of Sydney. Picnickers on the bridge were from all around the globe; there were several birthday celebrations and even a successful marriage proposal during the picnic,” said Ms McKay.

NSW produce distributed included 9,500 Batlow Apples (Snowy Mountains); 7,000 handmade Cutterway Creek raspberry jam (Southern Highlands); 4,800 loaves of Abbott’s Baker Bread (Sydney); 6,750 Yalla Yoghurt (Riverina); and 6,000 cups of Mocopan coffee.

Set to become an annual fixture on the Sydney events calendar, “Breakfast on the Bridge” is part of Crave Sydney, a celebration of Sydney’s unmatched way of life with 31 days of food, outdoor art, and fun during the month of October.
Sydney’s outdoor lifestyle has developed in response to a warm temperate climate and an extraordinary natural environment, coupled with the breathtaking beauty of the harbor and famous architectural icons such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the World-Heritage listed Sydney Opera House.