Visiting the Chinese Sex Museum makes its easy to see why there are over a billion Chinese


The China Guide is taking tourists on the road less traveled via the ancient water town of Tongli near Shanghai. This old style Chinese village has been referred to as the Venice of the East, famous for its water canals and folk culture. Aside from its own cultural charm, Tongli is home to the China Sex Museum.

Tongli has an array of canals twisting through the town. While its size is not very big, travelers can still get lost wandering around the many corners exploring and discovering the city’s offerings. Travelers can enjoy a pleasant lunch or cup of tea canal side and watch the people and boats drift past. There are lots of boutique shops to poke your head into and find hand-made souvenirs. It is a genuine village, and you can also see into people’s homes and lives as you pass by.

A boat ride on a traditional style wooden boat with oarsman (or woman) lets you see everything from the canal perspective, passing under numerous stone arch bridges. You might catch a glimpse of cormorant fishing birds traditionally used to catch fish.

Tongli is about 40 minutes outside of Shanghai and can be visited as a day trip on its own or on the way to Suzhou. It’s about another 40 minutes to Suzhou from Tongli. It is also possible to overnight in Tongli; there is a nice traditional style courtyard hotel.

The ChinaSex Museum was relocated from Shanghai to Tongli after it was deemed inappropriate for such a big city. However it is truly tasteful due to its accurate display of sexual art and artifacts dating back to 3000 BC. After browsing the museum one can see how there came to be over a billion Chinese.

“It is important for us to show travelers the unusual destinations throughout China. Everyone travels through the big cities, but small town destinations like Tongli offer another side to the country and culture. It is also a great place for photographers as no one minds when you take lots of pictures and the scenery is spectacular,” remarked Peter Danford, professional photographer and operating manager of The China Guide. Danford added that, “The Sex Museum in Tongli is a rare sight in China and something that shouldn’t be missed. This museum has been quite controversial over the years. It’s also an interesting view on human nature thousands of years ago.”

The China Guide provides quality, western-style tours to Tongli and can include a visit to the town as part of a tour in Shanghai, Suzhou, or a China-wide tour.