Amman celebrates centennial anniversary with carnival and marathon


In one of the biggest and most unique carnivals in the region, attended by hundreds of thousands of citizens and visitors and broadcasted live to millions, Amman, the capital city of Jordan, celebrated its centennial anniversary on Friday, October 9 through hundreds of cars and carriages drawn by horses together with over 2,000 participants representing the hundred years of the progress, transformation, and civilization in Amman. The carnival started from the famous Roman Amphitheater, crossing the downtown city, and passing by King Hussien Mosque towards City Hall.

The centennial carnival was held under the patronage of their majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania, attended by the prime minister, princes, and the head of the political institutes in Jordan, in addition to foreign ambassadors in Jordan.

The celebration came after 100 years of the first Municipal Council in Amman that was founded in 1909. In addition, culture, musical, and functions will continue in Amman until the end of this year.

Love and loyalty from Ammanis (citizens of Amman) towards their city, Amman, was shown in the festival. Schools, cultural centers, banks, big companies, artists, and public agencies took part in the festival.

One of the best to view was the participation of the Roman Army that was ruling Amman thousands of years ago, along with folklore groups from Armenia, Chechnya, Syrian, Maan, Palestinian, Ramtha, and many others, which make up the variety of Amman citizens.

The Jordanian army music sector was a great participant, as they played national songs and music during the festival.

Amman’s history is very rich, from the long walls of the Citadel built during the Bronze Ages to the Roman Amphitheatre in downtown Amman, the city stands proud of its past and looks positively towards the future.

As part of the centennial anniversary celebrations, the first Amman International Marathon will take place on October 17, 2009. This world-class sporting event in the heart of Amman will hopefully begin an annual tradition similar to other international marathons in the Middle East. This sporting tradition will attract professional and public runners worldwide and help promote tourism to the Jordanian capital.

The main objective of the Amman Marathon is to encourage tourism to Jordan. Additionally, it promotes a healthy lifestyle among all members of society. The Amman marathon is accredited by the International Athletics Federation as an international event.

The route of the race starts at the steps of City Hall in the Amman municipality, and the finishing line will be next to the Roman Amphitheatre in downtown Amman. The marathon will consist of participants who are professional runners, leisure runners, and children.