Rwanda: Kigali CVB says yes to Turkish contractor after firing Chinese

After canceling the contract with a Chinese company earlier this year following a forensic audit on the construction work done, the Rwandan government has more recently handed the deal to a Turkish company but with the rider of having to finish the center and hotel within a year. Towards that end, several hundred Turkish construction workers have already arrived, and the site is once again a beehive of activity.

The Chinese construction firm caused a massive delay now coming to over three years, costing Rwanda dearly in lost MICE revenues which was to become another cornerstone for the tourism industry besides wildlife based and cultural visits.

The hotel, when complete, will be managed under the Radisson Blu brand, adding much needed bed capacity to the market while Rwanda is already actively marketing the new convention centre as a magnet for meetings, conferences and conventions.

The government of Rwanda is presently financing the project directly though it is expected that private equity partners will sooner or later come on board and pay back government for the upfront expenses incurred for the construction. Apart from the hotel and conference centre is a technology park part of the development with emphasis on ITC developments.