New World Heritage scenic zone of Hua’An Tulou in China open to visitors


China Yida Holding Company (China Yida) announced today that part of Hua’An Tulou’s World Heritage tourism destination, the Shangping Tulou cluster scenic zone, opened to visitors on October 1, 2009.

Shangping Tulou cluster is the earliest Tulou Group on record, and it includes the Qiyun, Shengping, and Rixin Buildings. Among them, Qiyun was built in 1371, and is the oldest surviving round Tulou building in China. Shengping is the only Tulou building built in stone and is as magnificent as the Roman Coliseum. Rixin is the earliest castle-style Tulou building in China.
As part of the effort to raise the profile of the Shangping Tulou cluster scenic zone to attract visitors, China Yida designed many interactive tourism activities while developing the ruins to restore the buildings. The company expects to attract 160,000 visitors in 2010 to this destination and ticket prices are RMB 60 per person.

“We are delighted to announce the opening of the Shangping Tulou Group scenic zone,” said Dr. Minhua Chen, China Yida’s chairman and CEO. “Located close to Xiamen City in Fujian province, we expect this destination will appeal to locals, as well as overseas tourists, visiting China.”

The Fujian Tulou is a large multi-story building in the southeast Fujian mountainous region built for large community living and defense, with a weight-bearing rammed Earth wall and wood frame structure. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008, as it is an exceptional example of a building with tradition and function exemplifying a particular type of communal living and defensive organization in a harmonious relationship with the environment, and is known for its unique shape, large scale, and ingenious structure.