Estonia ready to host large international conferences


The most modern conference hall in the Nordic and Baltic countries will be opened in the heart of Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, this Saturday, October 10. The new hall will be capable of accommodating large international conferences of up to 1,830 delegates.

The soon-to-be-opened facilities that bear the name of Nokia Concert Hall will be opened in Tallinn’s new entertainment and lifestyle center, Solaris, and will not only be used for conferences but also for high-profile concerts and theatre performances. The first conference bookings, as well as the first international red carpet events, for this new facility have already been made, with the European Film Academy Awards, the top event of European film industry, for example taking place in Solaris in 2010.

According to Peeter Rebane, chairman of the management board of Solaris, the conference center truly is a state-of-the-art facility with a unique concept unprecedented in Estonia or anywhere in the Baltics. Rebane said, “The top-quality sound [and] light and video technique of the multi-functional conference facilities makes it the best-equipped performance hall in the region,” emphasising that the new conference facilities enable Tallinn to finally accommodate large international conferences.

The center offers a wide range of possibilities for setting up a top-notch conference, providing video and sound systems through local video monitoring, a 20x10m large screen in the parterre, and up to six cabinets for interpreters on the balcony. In addition to the variety of technical possibilities offered by the conference hall, 12 more rooms will be available for extra space and dynamics for any format of conferences: three halls in classroom-style (65 m2 to 255 m2) and nine in theatre-style (62-510 seats each).

The main hall allows moving the first seat rows in order to create extra floor space. The facilities have an additional 3300 m2 of lobby area suitable for catering services and bar facilities, a stylish VIP lounge of 250m2, and an extra 600m2 of exhibition area next to the main entrance. The conference facilities have been designed with also the physically-challenged in mind, having an elevator, toilets on each floor, and separate seats in the hall that have been specially adapted.

The new Solaris center located in the very heart of Tallinn is a shopping, conference, entertainment, lifestyle, and cultural center all in one. A 7-screen cinema and arts film center, impressive list of restaurants and cafeterias, Estonia’s largest book store, numerous different shopping venues, an exhibition area, and a dance studio is just the beginning of the list of what the 43,000-square-meter center has to offer.

The launch and marketing of the conference center was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The project was supported by the tourism marketing support program of Enterprise Estonia, the mission of which is to promote knowledge about Estonia as a travel destination on international target markets.

With this project, a multifunctional conference center will be launched that will enable holding large international conferences for up to 1,830 delegates. In addition, concerts, festivals, and other international events can be organized in the center. At least 200 different events per year have been planned to take place in the center – 48 days of conferences, at least 30 day days of festivals, and 30 days of concerts (with average participation of 85 percent).