Notes from the UNWTO General Assembly in Astana, Kazakhstan


– The next UNWTO General assembly will be hosted by Korea in 2011
– World Tourism Day in 2010 will be in China
– World Tourism Day in 2011 will be in Yemen
– Administrative Agreement between the UNWTO and Spain to provide financial support for the permanent secretary
– Andorra agreed to renew the Administrative Agreement on the Themis Foundation for a period of four years (2010-2013)
– A memorandum of understanding is to achieve cooperation between the League of Arab States and UNWTO for sustainable tourism developments
– A memorandum of understanding between ASEAN and UNWTO calls for steps to explore avenues of cooperation, sharing information, and wherever possible, provide inputs in technical cooperation in tourism developments
– UNWTO and the International Labour Organization signed an agreement to strengthen their collaboration in areas of mutual interest such as statics education and training, employment, ethics in tourism and dialogue between governments and organizations of employers and workers in tourism
– UNWTO and UNIFEM signed an MOU to establish a framework of cooperation to launch and support activities intended to raise and maintain awareness about the social and economic opportunities that tourism offers to women.
– Vanuatu and Norway joined UNWTO
– The United Kingdom cancelled their UNWTO membership

– Members of the Executive Council confirmed
– The Declaration on the facilitation of tourist travel approved
– Report about the activities of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics
– Report on the Entities Associated with UNWTO
– Assessment of member’s contribution to UNWTO in 2010-2011
– Report of implementation of the organization general program of work for the period 2009-2009
– Report of the Executive Council of the General Assembly
– Silk Road Initiative – The Future Development of the Silk Road