Sex on the reef–coral spawning!


Palm Cove, Australia (eTN) – Well it looks like it’s on again the annual sex on the reef–coral spawning. Each year, over one third of the reefs coral reproduce sexually creating a mass-spawning event.

The inner reefs spawn around November and the outer reefs a little later in December. This spectacular event takes place at night and usually follows up to six days after the full moon.

The coral spawning usually starts with the sight of colored eggs inside the female polyps, these eggs are squeezed out the mouth of the polyps and released. Meanwhile, the male corals produce clouds of sperm. When the eggs and sperm float to the surface they form a slick on the seas surface for days. This spectacular display comes in many colors such as pink, red orange purple and blue.

All this takes place when there a minimal tidal movements and at the same time to increase opportunities for fertilization.

The coral spawning is a magical annual display for the lucky snorkelers and divers who are fortunate enough to witness this event. This year, coral spawning has been predicted to take place on one of the following evening 17th, 18th or 19th of November.