Stealing boredom from hotel suites

The current state of hotel suites is downright dismal. C-suite executives, politicians and government dignitaries spend thousands of dollars or euros a night on suites that are banal.

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The current state of hotel suites is downright dismal. C-suite executives, politicians and government dignitaries spend thousands of dollars or euros a night on suites that are banal. Hotel interior designers and hotel executives have a “duty of care” responsibility to make the hotel experience as positive and memorable as possible.

Fortunately there are ways to change the suite experience from dull to delirious – not by tearing down walls and adding staircases or replacing brick walls with windows but by changing the interior design of the space.

A Place to Sleep and Shower or a Memory

At the recent ICFF Javits event, international vendors offered their very best in furniture, fixtures and textiles. The WOW list that follows is shared as encouragement to hotel designers and general managers to put the POW in hotel suites…offer a memorable suite experience and your hotel will become part of the conversation rather than just a place to sleep.

Have a Seat



This WOW packed modular seating system can be customized. The Patch fabric is upholstery that combines black and white patterns with vibrant colors that creates living space. The system includes sofa, armchair, chaise lounge, small and large ottomans and armrests that can be combined and changed. The photo shows Pritzwalk rug and MissoniHome pillows including Oman, Nossen and Prescott. $22,000.

• Brabbu Design Forces


The Scottish Lake MAREE, located in Wester Ross, is surrounded by a picturesque mountain with a rugged landscape. The structure and shape of the MAREE Sofa reflects the rough landscape softened by uniform waves of the midnight blue velvet, bringing the interpretation of the classics tailored to the desires and comforts for those who love nature. Manufactured in Portugal. $8990.

Place a Plate

• Brabbu Design Forces


Nature in its rawest form flows through this charismatic furniture piece as lava flows during a volcano eruption. Molded by casted brass and bronze glass, CAY embodies nature’s ultimate scream. Definitely reflects the strength of a c-suite executive and his/her lifestyle. $ 4170.

Play a Tune

• Wiczny


(Photo by Steve Shilling Media © 2015)

Made in Brooklyn by conceptual artist Maciej Markowicz for Wiczny, the Leaning Piano combines practicality with originality. This handmade aluminum shell is an exquisitely conceived fully functional piano (88 key digital Yamaha Arius piano) that combines function with a sculptural line in a negative space that suggests a baroque heritage. There is force and grandeur in this work that pushes spatial boundaries without creating a bulky mass. The artist is noted for custom made one-of-a kind handcrafted forward-thinking designs. Price upon request.

Lights On

• Hive


Designed by Kenneth Cobopue from Cebu, Philippines, the artist has received many awards for his uniquely creative lighting fixtures (i.e., International Design Yearbook 2002, 2004, 2005; work included in & FORK and DESIGN NOW). He studied Industrial Design at New York’s Pratt Institute (1969). His work incorporates technology with artistic design. $2700

• Apparatusstudio


This lighting series moves functional light to a new level of WOW. Directional light seeps from recessed points in the basic metal form. The large scale and high-end materials of this fixture makes a bold statement. Manufactured in Italy. $1050.

The LOO. A Destination



It is not often that honors and awards are posted on toilets, bathroom sinks and tubs; the Cielo products are the exception to the rule. The ceramic materials and colors are so unique and sensual that a bad tummy forcing long stays in the loo will actually be ok; under daily conditions, Cielo makes the bathroom a destination. The modern, clean natural shapes and earth colors incorporate new ceramic glazes to create unique combinations. The pieces are splendid to the eye and touch. Cielo takes necessity to a new level of beauty and artistry. Made in Italy.

Emmevi. Rubinetterie


The bathroom sink and bath tub moves from ordinary to luxurious with faucets enhanced with Crystals from Swarovski. Emmevi selects the best raw materials and uses advanced technology to produce products that are ergonomically exciting.

Bar Essential



Move over Keurig the new in-suite essential is the NINJA. For everything from mixed drinks to smoothies this 1000 watt warrior is also a beauty queen having been selected as a finalist for the 2011 Housewares Design Award presented by HomeWorld Business in cooperation with the International Housewares Association. Made in China. $119.99.

Heating the Terrace

La Castellamonte


Theremostack an Adriano design and 2013/ 2011 Design PLUS award recipient, combines warmth and cooking options with excellent design and core technology. This wood burning stove in refractory enameled ceramic with a fireplace in cast iron and steel exchange is EPA certified. Heat is given 50% by natural convection and 50% by radiation through the refractory ceramic. 100% hand made in Italy. $8594.00.

Say Hello.Goodbye

SD Laser

• I Dettagli

Hotel executives do not appreciate the importance of the welcome card (next to the champagne and truffles), or receiving the “thank you for being our guest” gift a few days after the return home. From paper and board to wood, glass, metal and crystal, the multi-level engraving that creates a 3D and translucent image of the hotel, the guest and/or the event, is a perfect way to say “thank you for being our guest.” Price upon request. Made in Milan, Italy.

For some guests – luxury is a momentary but safe adventure; for others, it is a way of life. According to Tina Fey (Bossypants) “Someone should do a study of the human brain and how quickly it can adjust to luxury.”

, Stealing boredom from hotel suites, Buzz travel | eTurboNews |Travel News

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, Stealing boredom from hotel suites, Buzz travel | eTurboNews |Travel News