The legendary Oyster Box Hotel reopens in Umhlanga, South Africa, in royal style


Few events on the South African calendar have generated as much excitement, have been held in such sweet anticipation, and come with such high expectations as the long-awaited reopening of one of its nation’s most celebrated monuments of its most precious moments –the legendary Oyster Box Hotel.

On September 30, 2009, the Oyster Box Hotel finally re-opened its elegant, timeless, welcoming doors once more, rolling out the red carpet to over 800 excited guests including His Majesty King Zwelithini, the head of the Zulu royal household; Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the Premier of KZN; and an array of other famous personalities from across South Africa. Following three years of meticulous planning, delicate craftsmanship, and time-honoring restoration, one of South Africa’s greatest architectural treasures by the globally-respected and admired Red Carnation Group (, the Oyster Box Hotel ( was ready to welcome (back) guests in a style reflective of the importance of this historical event – and a milestone moment in the nation’s advancement as a premier tourism destination on the world stage.

Sitting grandly on the dramatic shoreline of the Indian Ocean overlooking the iconic lighthouse of Umhlanga, the statuesque Oyster Box has become a tribute to the past, present, and future of the people of KZN and South Africa. The hotel occupies a special place in the hearts of the countless guests who have enjoyed its warmth, caring service, and relaxed elegance since it first opening in 1954. And now, once again commanding the respect, awe, and magnetic appeal which it was once renowned for, the Oyster Box Hotel offers its guest from around the corner and around the world the finest of luxury experiences. From the exceptional cuisine to the impeccable wines, rich collection of artwork and furnishings, exquisite detailing in design and décor, and breathtaking ocean views throughout the hotel, to the exquisitely designed spa, charm, class, and peaceful beauty create an environment throughout the Oyster Box Hotel perfect for personal retreats, private meetings, and perfect events of celebration.

Importantly, the Red Carnation Hotel Collection went to extraordinary lengths to preserve the original character, texture, environment, and allure of the hotel during the restoration project, while carefully incorporating state-of-the-art technology to bring this legend into the 21st century to satisfy today’s most discerning travelers who visit for business and pleasure. Unique and a breath of fresh air for the industry, leading practices in responsible, sustainable tourism have been incorporated to create a truly environmentally-respectful hotel.

In true Oyster Box style, the famous hotel re-entered the international tourism stage, proudly announcing its arrival. It happened at the Oyster Box.