Thailand – Experience a true adventure wedding as you and your loved one swing down a cliff-face via a rope while decked out in a tuxedo and wedding dress, repelling past lush greenery and a 60-meter waterfall as rose petals fall from above.

Abseiling, a controlled decent down a cliff, is a popular activity for the adventuresome. In Thailand, couples who want to begin their relationship on a “high” note can swing with the best of them in an abseil wedding ceremony.
Also known as repelling, abseilers use ropes, harnesses, and protective gear to scale down cliffs.

Abseiling is a popular sport throughout Thailand, especially in the northern part of the country, where adventure travel activities like whitewater rafting and mountain biking are renowned, and the southern coasts, where some of the best abseiling locations in the world provides travelers with the chance to scale limestone cliffs along the ocean.

Abseiling allows travelers to experience the beautiful nature of Thailand in a thrilling, yet safe, manner.

Abseiling weddings originated in 2002 when an adventurer wanted his special day to be unforgettable. He and his bride descended Weluwan Cliff in Thap Lan National Park, located 150 km east of Bangkok, to tie the knot.

Each year an annual Valentine’s Day abseiling wedding ceremony is held in Thab Lan National Park at the same location. The event, called the “Banthuek Rak Klang Phupha” or Inscribing Love at the Cliff, is held on February 13 and 14. The ceremony includes photos, an exchange of wedding rings, and the signing of the marriage certificate. The Valentine’s Day abseiling wedding consists of two days – the first day, February 13, a “Wiwa Hoen Fa” (Marriage in the Sky) occurs when the brides and grooms swing the only-one-in-Thailand giant swing and the bride tosses the bouquet to single ladies below. On second day, February 14, brides and grooms register their marriages and exchange rings while abseiling down the cliff.

Many tour companies and resorts offer abseiling tours and adventures, with descents down spectacular and beautiful waterfalls.

Usually descents are not much greater than 50 meters, providing an adventure not too easy for experienced climbers and not too difficult for beginner climbers.

In Chiang Mia, an abseiling adventure down Wachiratarn Waterfall of Doi Inthanon finishes with a trip to the local pagodas for some sightseeing.
A few hours from Phuket are some of the most challenging abseiling sites in the world for beginner and experienced climbers. Phra Nang Cave Beach and Railay East beach in Krabi are two locations where abseilers can descend towering limestone cliffs.

Guided climbs are provided by many local resorts and companies, complete with equipment and lessons.

In the Saraburi Province, Pra Phutthabat Noi Limestone Mountain offers climbing up limestone cliffs for both experienced and un-experienced climbers complete with beautiful views of the flower-filled volcanic plains below.
Thailand has several climbing clubs, including the Thailand Rock Climbing Federation (0-2373-8725) and the Bangkok Rock Climbing Club (0 2434-6100) that can provide more information on the best places to climb at.

For more information on abseiling locations in Thailand, visit the Tourism Authority of Thailand or visit .