Air China launches fleet of Airbus A330s onto its Beijing-Dubai route


BEIJING – Air China recently announced the launch of a fleet of luxurious Airbus A330s onto its Beijing-Dubai route. This state-of-the-art aircraft has already been used by the airline for its routes between Beijing and Vancouver, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, and Sydney. Passengers taking these routes have experienced the optimal in-flight experience, with comfort and space at a premium.

The A330 boasts cutting-edge technology, including AVOD (audio and video on demand) entertainment systems and 10.6 inch individual televisions for business-class passengers. Meanwhile, a 100V AC electrical outlet under each seat makes it possible for business travelers to bring their office to the skies. Several entertainment facilities are available to economy class passengers as well, including multimedia options and online games.

With the number of international flights growing every year, and the distance of these flights constantly increasing, the deployment of more Airbus A330s by Air China demonstrates the importance the airline places on its passengers’ comfort and in-flight entertainment on long journeys.

Air China is also constantly improving its services, the airline recently increased it flights between Beijing and Bangkok to one every day, and other international services have been enhanced.