Flexjet accepts delivery of first Gulfstream G450LXi

DALLAS, TX - Flexjet LLC, offering travelers access to the world’s most luxurious fleet of private jets, today accepted delivery of its first Gulfstream G450LXiTM.

Flexjet accepts delivery of first Gulfstream G450LXi

DALLAS, TX – Flexjet LLC, offering travelers access to the world’s most luxurious fleet of private jets, today accepted delivery of its first Gulfstream G450LXiTM. This delivery, at Gulfstream’s Savannah, Georgia headquarters, is part of an order placed in October 2014 for up to 50 new aircraft from Gulfstream’s iconic line of business jets. The order makes Flexjet the only fractional provider offering new Gulfstream business jets including the G450LXi, G500LXiTM and G650LXiTM.

The new G450LXi will be publicly unveiled at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Regional Forum at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport, beginning at 9:00 AM EDT on June 25, 2015.

In addition, Gulfstream will showcase a G650 at the NBAA Regional Forum in Teterboro. Although the waiting list to acquire this aircraft is upwards of three years, Flexjet is scheduled to take delivery of its first G650LXi early next year, and will be the exclusive fractional provider offering this aircraft.

“When we placed this order with Gulfstream, we wanted to make sure we would be able to offer these new aircraft to our Owners in a timely manner,” said Kenn Ricci, Flexjet’s Chairman. “The delivery of our first Gulfstream aircraft fulfills this commitment. The delivery commences a period in which we will be the only fractional provider adding new Gulfstream aircraft to our fleet, making them available on an exclusive basis. We are proud to partner with this iconic aviation brand, and look forward to offering its aircraft to our Owners in the years to come.”

The entry into service of the Flexjet version of the G450LXi positions Flexjet as the only fractional provider offering the newest and most advanced version of this aircraft. Capable of being outfitted for up to 16 passengers, the G450LXi can travel 4,350 nautical miles/8,056 kilometers with eight passengers, easily allowing for nonstop trips from the U.S. to European and South American destinations. The G450LXi is expected to appeal in particular to corporations and other business users, including flight departments that could use supplemental capacity.

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The G450LXi is outfitted with customized interiors that incorporate extensive input from Flexjet’s Owners. The configuration chosen includes unique touches and aesthetic themes that reflect the tastes of Flexjet’s sophisticated base of Owners, and was fashioned with a high level of artisanal craftsmanship.

The G650LXi that will enter service early in 2016 will seat 12 passengers, yet can fly farther, faster, than any other business jet. Its range of 7,000 nautical miles/12,964 kilometers enables it to travel nonstop from the U.S. to Europe or Asia.

In addition to the G450LXi and G650LXi, Flexjet will serve as the North American launch customer, and exclusive fractional provider, for the G500LXi unveiled by Gulfstream last October. The G500LXi’s completely new design offers the finest in speed, wide-cabin comfort and efficiency. Outfitted for 12 passengers, the G500LXi will be capable of flying 5,000 nautical miles/9,260 kilometers.

“What we hear from current and prospective Owners is that they are extremely excited to see Flexjet bringing the newest and most up-to-date Gulfstream aircraft to the fractional marketplace,” added Michael Silvestro, Flexjet’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our fractional flying activity in the first quarter of 2015 was up 10 percent over 2014, and we expect this growth to continue as we bring these outstanding Gulfstream aircraft to our Owners. As aviators, nothing fulfills us more than the enthusiasm of others about flying with us.”

Flexjet, which has been part of the Directional Aviation family since 2013, has an industry-wide reputation for having, far and away, the newest, most luxurious and most capable fleet in the fractional ownership industry. The customized interiors and service features of the new Gulfstream aircraft will greatly enhance the flight experience of Flexjet Owners, and serve as a clear differentiator for Flexjet as a company. With the G450LXi entering service, Flexjet now offers a collection of business jets from a suite of industry-leading manufacturers including not only Gulfstream but also Bombardier and Embraer.

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