Abu Dhabi’s TAQA commits to offsetting all business travel greenhouse gas emissions


Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) is the first corporation headquartered in the Middle East to commit to offsetting all their greenhouse gases caused by the company’s business air travels backdated to January 2009.

By declaring details of all flight travels made, the environmental-conscious organization will calculate the quantity of produced greenhouse gases and the corresponding Voluntary Climate Fees (VCF).

The VCFs will then be used by Amosfair, a German nonprofit organization, to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

TAQA’s CEO, Peter .S Al-Din Barker-Homek, said, “At the heart of our business lies a firm commitment to finding ways of minimizing our impact on the environment and inspiring other organizations and people to operate and live greener.”

“We are pleased to welcome TAQA as the first partner in the Middle East who intends to offset its corporate flights with atmosfair,” said Katharina Behrendt of product development, key accounts and tourism at Atmosfair.

TAQA is dedicated to reduce the negative impact of its flying by investing in selected solar, hydropower, biomass, or energy-efficiency projects in developing countries to compensate for the emissions.