Hi Nelson!

Love reading your e-mails. Please keep them coming.

You asked for comments regarding the current conditions impacting the travel and tourism industry, and I’d like to share mine.

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, my business actually thrives in times like these. Hotels, resorts, private islands, property management firms and other travel and tourism concerns are faced with the need to look closely at their costs, and unfortunately, most of them consider sales expenses as the first to go. This is absolutely the wrong direction to take because when there is greater competition, this is when you really need to be in front of your revenue producers!

In 1995, I started a company that offers sales, marketing, public relations and reservations services. There are many advantages to this arrangement, as our clients have learned. First of all, working with our company saves management a lot of time and frustration because everything is coordinated by us and they only need to communication with one entity. It’s amazing how everything seems to mesh so well when handled under one roof!

Secondly, we are able to run an entire sales and marketing campaign, with multiple sales representatives out on the road constantly for our clients, for less than the cost of a full-time sales manager.

We started our concept with boutique and niche market properties in mind, but the truth is we have been retained by some of the “big box” hotels to augment the sales efforts of their corporate team – and with great success.

So my advice to hotel, resort and other managers out there who are wringing their hands faced with less-than-satisfactory room nights on the books, don’t cut your sales presence. Just rethink it. There are other alternatives that will work for you.

All the best,

Lori Gedon, CTC