The Philippine eagle has landed… on the London bus


In line with promoting its latest travel product – birdwatching – the Philippines Department of Tourism (PDOT) is taking it to the busy streets of London this November. Watch out for London’s iconic buses as they carry the Philippines banner across the city.

Commuters and pedestrians in London will be exposed to the country’s campaign on a daily basis as 25 local buses, carrying the promotional banners, drive by the lively streets of the city. These buses are en route to the popular streets of London such as Oxford Circus, Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge and High Street Kensington to name a few. These buses, that run most of the working day, arrive at a frequency of 7-10 minutes per hour on every bus stop.

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Penetrating the public transportation system of London is a highly-effective way to promote Philippines tourism, with the very high population of commuters being exposed to it every day. According to research by CBS Outdoor, bus advertising is the most seen outdoor format around the city center. There is no denying that this medium will increase visibility of the country’s brand campaign.

While these buses promote the Philippines as a birdwatching destination, they are, at the same time, also strengthening the country’s image as a place of diverse interests. Furthermore, many other countries also promote their tourism through this medium; thus, this is definitely a good way to present the Philippines as a place at par with any other popular tourist destination.

This campaign will deliver the message that the Philippines is definitely an option when it comes to traveling, with the many things that the country can offer – from birdwatching to scubadiving or simply as a place of leisure.