Airbus increases its 20-year forecast for aircraft


LONDON — European aerospace giant Airbus on Thursday increased its 20-year forecast for aircraft, citing the impact of emerging countries, low-cost air travel and demand for more fuel-efficient planes.

Airbus forecast around 25,000 passenger and cargo planes will be sold for a total of 3.1 trillion dollars (2.1 trillion euros) between 2009 and 2028.

Passenger traffic will rise 4.7 percent and cargo 5.2 percent annually through to 2028, led by growth in Asia-Pacific and emerging markets, it added.

It said long-haul carriers such as the A380 superjumbo and Boeing’s 747 will account for seven percent of the anticipated sales by number but represent 19 percent by value.

Smaller long-haul carriers such as the A350 and Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner carrying 250-400 people will account for 25 percent of the sales and 42 percent of the revenue.

Short-haul aircraft — the A320 and Boeing 737 which are favoured by low-cost carriers — will account for 68 percent of all aircraft sold and generate 39 percent of the revenues.

Airbus last year estimated that 24,300 planes would be sold over the 20-year period between 2007 and 2026.