Russian outbound tourism strong as ever


Despite the economic downturn, Russian tourists continue to travel and remain desirable guests because of their spending power. This year’s MITT had an 8 percent growth in international sales, its exotic destinations pavilion increased by 900 square meters, thanks to newcomers such as Japan, Macau, Hainan, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, and Kerala.

Some of its regular exhibitors also increased their stands significantly (Dubai increased its stand by 50 percent to 450 square meters, Sri Lanka and Indonesia also doubled their stand size). Many new companies from South America participated for the first time, and ITE now has a representative office there. As usual, the biggest exhibitors retained their stands, e.g., Turkey with 2,000 square meters, Greece (1,500), and Italy (1,000). No wonder they attract so many Russian tourists! More than 2.7 million Russians visit Turkey every year, 420,000 go to Greece, and 550,000 to Italy.

Our exhibitors say:

“Russia is a big market. Thousands of Russians visit Greece, and there is a big opportunity for more, so our presence at MITT has great value. It is an opportunity for cooperation, for commercialization, and for negotiation.”
– Costas Markopoulos, Tourist Development Minister of Greece

“It is the first time that Etihad has exhibited, because we just started to fly to Russia. It’s extremely important for us to be here, as it is the second biggest travel exhibition in Europe. It is very successful – we have a queue of people!”
– Natalia Goryunova, Country Manager Russia, Etihad Airways

“Without a doubt, the spring exhibitions in Moscow and Kiev have seen a marked increase of interest amongst travel trade. Our stands were visited by 10-15 percent more travel trade professionals than last year. There was a noticeable increase in the number of decision-makers amongst the visitors, we also recorded an increase in the number of tour operators present.”
– Sergey G. Kanaev, Director DTCM Russia

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