UK cruise market is on an upswing


Experts are now saying that the UK cruise market could be huge in 2010, thus, labeling the market as being on an upswing. Much of this is a direct reaction to bigger ships, more deals, a wider variety of choices, new destinations and so on. Experts claim that 2010 is expected to break records for the UK cruise market.

According to many popular cruise reviews and the latest news, British holidaymakers are becoming more interested in cruises. This is not something that experts think will go down in 2010. In fact, many believe that it will show signs of increasing.

The good news for the cruise industry, unlike other holiday sectors, is that it was able to weather the recession pretty well. Although the cruise industry did see some drop in profits when compared to other years, the drops were not as big as in some other areas of the travel market, like the hotel or airline industries.

The Passenger Shipping Association said that about 1.5 million people in Britain took to cruises in 2008. Despite the huge economic downturn, these same kind of figures were seen in 2009 and are expected again in 2010. However, due to a host of new ships, experts are now saying that the number in 2010 could actually start to increase.

Overall, it is looking like it could be another promising year for the cruise industry in 2010. One thing that has been good for the cruise industry this year is that many companies have chosen to lower their prices. This has gotten more people to look into taking cruises, and this could lead to many repeat holidaymakers choosing the way of the cruise instead of other more traditional holidays.