Tourism booming in outback Queensland


Streams of tourists are still travelling through outback Queensland, defying predictions of a tourism slump in the region.

Numbers from Windorah’s visitor information centre show tourism in the Channel Country town is up by more than 20 per cent on previous years.

The centre’s spokeswoman, Jeannie Reynolds, says this is surprising given the economic downturn.

She says the focus on Birdsville in the last week has also meant hundreds of extra visitors passing through.

“I don’t believe there is anyone left in Australia that hasn’t been to Birdsville,” she said.

“Once upon a time it was throw a swag in the back of the ute, but the number of motorhomes and caravans that have been going through, I guess that’s due to better roads.

“I just can’t visualise how Birdsville could have fitted so many caravans in out there but good luck to them.”