.Travel unveils its promotional video on www.travel.travel


.Travel, the top-level domain for the travel and tourism industry, unveiled a promotional video highlighting its global appeal and community. Created as a specific channel on the web for all things travel related, .travel is an excellent marketing tool for all travel and tourism organizations, businesses, and individuals.

The video addresses the basics of .travel, but also demonstrates the worldwide adoption of the .travel domain name across borders and languages with such examples as Canada.travel, Argentina.travel, Poland.travel, Utah.travel, Montenegro.travel, SriLanka.travel, and Slovakia.travel. Intended to be educational as well as customer focused, the complete video acts as a guide for those in the travel industry. The video walks the viewer through the easy, two-step process of registering a .travel domain name.

.Travel is proud to showcase its valuable media channel through video and must thank the video production team, Scott St. John Productions, and the Fort Lauderdale-based talent for the native language voiceovers.

For more information on the .travel domain, travel news, and to register a .travel domain name, visit http://www.travel.travel.


.Travel is the top-level domain created specifically for the travel and tourism industry. Any participant in the travel industry may own a .travel name. Unlike other top-level domains such as .com or .org, relevant content must be published on each .travel site within a year of purchase. For more information on .travel, “The Source for All Things Travel,” please visit www.travel.travel.