Somali men held in Seychelles prisons repatriated back to Somalia


The 23 Somali men who were held in custody in Seychelles on suspicion of piracy have been repatriated to Somalia.

The men were captured on separate occasions in Seychelles waters and were awaiting trial in the Seychelles.

The Seychelles minister, mandated by the President of the island republic, to work on the piracy portfolio, Joel Morgan, said that Seychelles had taken the decision to repatriate the men because of the difficultly of bringing them to successful prosecution for acts of piracy because the Seychelles Authorities did not have sufficient evidence for a trial to take place.

Seychelles also wanted to respect international laws covering such arrests and repatriated the Somali seamen to their homeland was deemed the best option for the Tropical Creole Island Nation.

The Somali men were flown out of the country on Saturday to Somalia.