Investment in Brazil


There are more people buying property in a foreign country than ever before, traditionally these markets were close to home, such as France and Spain, but now property markets are further afield as flight routes are introduced to more ‘exotic’ countries and flight times are shortened. Today, destinations such as Brazil are more popular with investors than ever before.

Brazil is the perfect destination for those looking to invest in property, as this fascinating country increases in popularity it is fast becoming a favourite for tourists, retirees, second-homers and investors. This new and promising market has a steady economy, low asking prices for property and a rising tourist market.

Recent years have seen an increase in the number of new developments being built in the country, both on the coastal regions and inland. Whether you are looking for a second home, retirement home or an investment to rent out, Brazil has a lot to offer. Finding a flight to Brazil is not as expensive as it once was and there are airlines that offer discounted and fares to the cities at reasonable rates. Living costs in the country are low in comparison to the UK, America and Europe.

Brazil is now acknowledged as a promising new destination for investors in property; early investors are already seeing high returns. The growth potential in the country is enormous and 20% growth per annum is standard in some of the more popular coastal locations. You can still find affordable luxury properties in Brazil and it is this factor as well as the remarkably high figures that can be gained that have caught the attention of investors.

In 2007 alone the country had more than 9 million visitors and this rise in tourism is expected to continue and grow in the future. Economic improvements have caught the attention of the international market. Over the past few years the property market has attracted a lot of interest from potential property investors due to its ability to provide buyers

with important essentials such as optimism in its economy, low property prices and an emerging tourism market.

Brazil is an exotic destination with beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and huge rainforests. The cities of Brasilia, Salvador, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are truly amazing; with a population made up of different ethnic backgrounds there is a diverse culture and history. People here are very friendly and although the main language spoken is Portuguese, English is also widely spoken especially in the tourist resorts and cities. Your money can go a long way in Brazil as the cost of living is low in comparison to America and European countries.

Brazil has a tropical climate and wonderful coastline with over 7,000 km of untouched beaches. In recent times, a number of high quality developments have been announced in some of the most fashionable resorts including the areas of Praia Luxuosa, Cabo Sao Roque and Fontainha Beach. Its promising economic climate has put Brazil up there amongst the fastest growing and most sought-after worldwide property locations, whilst returns on investment from Brazil real estate and properties are currently amongst the highest in the world.

On the north east coast Bahia has fantastic beaches and a tropical climate attracting an increasing number of tourists and visitors to this area and, due to this, experiencing a rise in development projects. Sao Paulo is on the threshold of a property boom as it becomes acknowledged as a city that is hard-working and gains popularity as foreign businesses realise its potential for relocation. Real estate professionals also forecast that Rio, already a fashionable holiday destination, will experience a substantial growth in its development.

As it becomes easier to reach far flung destinations like Brazil with direct flights and inexpensive fares, its popularity as a viable holiday destination and promising investment climbs. As Brazil becomes an easy option, the rise in tourism revenue is expected to continue in the future. Now is the perfect time for purchasing property in Brazil as the country demonstrates a promising future ahead of it.