Transatlantic Translations launches LangCommLingo service for tourists, vacationers


NEW YORK & LONDON – Transatlantic Translations, a leading provider of translation services to organizations worldwide, launches LangCommLingo. An “on demand” Telephone Interpreting service designed with the traveler in mind. Transatlantic Translations, through its trading subsidiaries, has provided Telephone Interpreting services to commercial organizations across the world for some time. Now, with the launch of LangCommLingo, vacationers, student travelers, tourists and business travelers alike have 24/7 access to their network of interpreters previously only really available to companies and public sector organizations. is an easy to navigate website which provides users with a 3 minute sign up process for subscription to LangCommLingo`s Telephone
Interpreting service. Customers have the choice of two tariffs – European
Languages only, or Worldwide Languages – and may take out a 12 month
subscription for the most appropriate solution based on their travel plans.
There are currently 30 European Languages available via LangCommLingo, with a
further 120 more making up the total range of Worldwide Languages.

LangCommLingo`s network of interpreters are all fluent in English and at least
one other language. The interpreting service is always from, or to, English and
another language.

Subscribing to LangCommLingo requires a single payment and thereafter customers
only incur costs when they require an interpreter. Interpreter charges are based upon a set “per minute” cost, irrespective of the language or the time of day. LangCommLingo charges the customer`s credit card directly.

Upon subscribing to LangCommLingo, the client receives an e-mail and TEXT
message automatically which includes the phone number and instructions on how to access the service, an account number and language codes. Customers then have the ability to be connected with an interpreter instantly over the telephone by dialing either a US or UK based phone number.

LangCommLingo`s service can be accessed via a fixed telephone, cell phone or
VOIP. Depending on the situation, the interpreter can be heard via the phone`s
speaker, or via a 3 way connection in a remote situation.

“Anyone who has traveled internationally will have experienced problems with
communication, because of the language barrier, at some time or other”, says
Chris Crothall, CEO of Transatlantic Translations. “It can be quite fun when
ordering a meal in a restaurant and you get it wrong, but when the matter is
less frivolous then communication is paramount”, Crothall continues. “The
LangCommLingo Telephone Interpreting service literally does put an interpreter
in your pocket when you are traveling. “LangCommLingo gives travelers the peace
of mind which goes with knowing that communication is not going to be the issue
in a difficult situation”, Crothall states. “It may be a hotel reservation that
has gone astray, or perhaps your luggage; it could be a collision in your hire
car, or the need for some urgent medical treatment. LangCommLingo`s 24/7 service across 150 languages could literally be a life-saver in certain emergency situations”.