Strachan back as head of Grenada Tourism Board


Strachan back as head of Grenada Tourism Board

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada (eTN) – Four years after resigning from the post, the Tillman Thomas administration has re-appointed Richard Strachan as chairman of the board of directors of the Grenada Board of Tourism (GTB).

Strachan has said he chose to resign in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan because his substantive post at his insurance company was occupying a significant amount of his time. Unable to offer his very best to the post, he opted out and allowed another member of the board to carry on with the duties.

Speaking about plans to work along with the other members of the board to make certain that Grenada’s tourism product is strengthened, expanded and improved, Strachan promised that during his tenure, “the best minds will be engaged to ensure that Grenada’s tourism product taps into all the available opportunities.”

The new board will be meeting for the first time on November 6. Among the things that he will be suggesting is the setting up of a business development unit for the board. He said: “I see that unit being responsible for identifying, researching and establishing business plans for new products,” he said. “The intention is that once we have those business plans, we can now approach investors and show them what can truly work for Grenada.”

He added: “We have a lot of work to do if we are to take the tourism sector to another level and that new unit will be leading way.” According to him, the overriding guiding principles will be that everything that is done will make sure that visitors “see more, buy more and do more.”

“If we are to achieve that,” he said, “you will realize that everyone will have to play a role, that rule don’t just apply to those in policy or management but everyone who is directly and indirectly involved in the tourism industry.

“From the farmer, to musician welcoming visitors including the companies and organizations whose products or service is an integral part of the Grenada tourism product?”

He said that intention is for this unit will be to work alongside the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation and the newly established Office of Private Sector Development in the Ministry of Finance. “We will all work together in the best interest of Grenada,” he assured.

The government has also appointed Andre Cherman as new chairman of the Grenada Airport Authority, the body which manages the Point Salines International Airport.

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