Isn’t there a song that has this line? If there is, the flight attendants in United Airlines flight 882 from Bangkok to Tokyo must sure have been humming it in their heads, as they mustered to show their perfect smiles to a full load of passengers on Monday, October 27. But, that flight was far from being normal; it was their last day on the job.

That bright smile which the Thai crew have been known for was only characteristic that made them so well liked. Customers who have been flying with this United Airlines crew can attest to their dedication, that passengers can feel their genuine hospitality by making sure that they go the “extra mile” to serve their passengers.

United’s Thai-based crew have become the latest casualty in United Airlines’ efforts to cut cost. With a severance pay amounting to two months worth of work, the crew is leaving behind the extensive education, training and practice that they have received serving United’s Bangkok-Tokyo route. They also take with them the uncertainty of finding another job, as their dream to work for a US-based carrier, at least in United’s case, has ended.

The captain thanked the crew before landing. “Sawasdeeka to our Thai-based crew,” the captain said. He was followed by the purser, who made an impassioned speech thanking all passengers and asked all passengers to be loyal to United. “It has been an honor and a privilege working for the friendly skies,” she said. ”I hope that our paths will cross again.”

Tears were almost visible, but the flight attendants still managed to smile. Passengers responded with a 5-minute applause.

The crew will be replaced with US-based flight attendants.