New tourism law/policy for Kenya


It was reported from Nairobi that the Kenyan government has apparently agreed on the text of a new tourism law, which will, when passed and made operational, provide for the formation of new bodies.

Besides a new Tourism Authority, likely to be a licensing and inspection platform, a Tourism Finance Corporation is due to be launched, likely a successor to the Kenya Tourist Development Corporation.

The new law would also provide for regional tourist offices to be opened to facilitate a greater spread of tourism activities across the country. The cabinet also gave the thumbs up for a new comprehensive tourism policy, which will, when passed, guide the sector over the next decade and beyond.

It is hoped that the fate of the new law and policy is not the same as in Uganda, where the implementation of the tourism policy has long been stuck amongst hapless bureaucrats opposed to the implementation of crucial elements of the policy.

In addition, progress was hampered by a lack of financial support from the Ministry of Finance to the implement and operate the law, which leaves the proposed tourism levy – aimed to finance, amongst other institutions, the Uganda Tourist Board and the national hotel and tourism training institute – hanging in suspense, denying sustainable funding to the sector.