Guam’s effort to attract additional tourists


The Guam Visitors Bureau is doing a big push to court the Chinese to visit the small island which is a U.S. territory. Century Travel has organized a series of special charter flights between Guam and Beijing to take place in October 2009. Air China is the carrier for the three charters and 450 passengers are anticipated per flight. Guam wants to encourage visitors from emerging travel markets.

The tourism push also continues toward Taiwan with the hiring of Leroy Yang, a well-known actor and former model, who has created a guidebook of his travels in Guam. In his guidebook Welcome to Guam, Yang takes his readers through a tour of the island. The interesting thing is that Taiwan promotes Guam as “a unique American destination.”

Guam’s economy relies on tourism which has suffered in recent months. A recent report said that the Pacific island welcomed 60,100 visitors in June, down from 94,882 during the same month last year. There is hope that the tourism industry will fare better as the year goes on. The island offers tranquil beaches, diving and abundant wildlife.