Jazan PTO is offering investment opportunities in Fursan Islands


Jazan province is planning major tourism investments in the Fursan Islands.
The Jazan tourism development strategy aims at transforming Jazan into one of the most booming tourist destinations in the area of marine, coastal, and spa/health resorts tourism. Fursan Islands are located to the southeast of the Red Sea, 40 km from the city of Jizan, with a total area of 600 square kilometers, including more than 264 islands with a coast-line of 216 km.

Eng. Abdul Rahman Abdul Haq Governor of Fursan Islands emphasized that these islands are virgin and ready for investment. The islands include a number of the most beautiful villages in Jazan, sweet water lakes, in addition to more than 9,000 plam trees. Eng. Abdul Rahman, further explained that Fursan Islands have a wonderful coastline with white sands and crystal clear blue beaches.

Mr. Rustom Al Kubaisi, executive director of Jazan PTO, stated that the development of Amana Island, a coral island, is currently offered in a public bid, adding that it carries several promising investment opportunities. Amana Island is located in the southwest of the city of Jazan, and it has an area of 1.14 km2. It is located at about 15km from the port of Jazan, and 35 km from the Fursan islands. The island has a natural bow shape and stretches from south to north. It is located on the eastern edge of the coral reef and is considered as an ideal fishing spot.

Al-Kubaisi stated that the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) is cooperating with the Municipality of Jazan and has already presented the technical specifications as a guide for future investors. The development concept focuses on transforming the area into a distinct tourism resort, thus providing a model for other tourist islands in the region.

Fursan Islands are considered as a great tourist destination, especially in the winter for people who are looking for warm weather, as described by the writer Ibrahim Moftah, who said that Fursan in the winter has a wonderful climate with beautiful white sandy beaches, fresh waters, and grazing deer in the sanctuaries.

Fursan includes a number of beaches, most prominent of which is Al Ebrah beach which stretches for several kilometers to the southwest of the Fursan municipality near Al Muhrag village, a fishing destination for locals, in addition it has several beautiful parks and resorts for locals and the tourists.