Risque hotel guests becoming New York’s tourist attraction


There are many attractions in New York for tourists to visit like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park or Times Square. However some are heading for the upmarket Standard Hotel on Washington Street and taking in the sights of the people that are staying there.

The hotel has an amazing feature in its floor to ceiling windows in all of their rooms, but it seems that some of the guests are taking advantage of the situation and giving passers-by a sight to remember. Some guest have been seen in compromising situations only meant for the privacy of the bedroom, others have been happily drying themselves after a shower.

The worst use of the rooms has been some that are openly filming movies for the sex industry. There have been a number of complaints from the neighbours and bosses at the expensive hotel are now insisting that all guests have their curtains closed when in a state not suitable for public.

The social networking site Facebook, also has a page set up by people who have stayed at the hotel and want to brag about the antics they got up to in clear view of the people below.

“The hotel has always been sensitive to the concerns of its friends and neighbours. We will make a concerted effort to remind guests of the transparency of the guest room windows,” said a spokesperson from the hotel.