Americans make the commitment to take back their time


Take Back Your Time (TBYT), a non-profit organization working to improve lives by eliminating the epidemic of overwork in America, has designated March 31, 2015 the first annual Vacation Commitment Day. As part of its Vacation Commitment initiative, TBYT is asking both employers and their employees to acknowledge the importance of taking regular vacations and commit to taking them regularly.

Launched in March 2015, the Vacation Commitment Initiative aims to change the culture around paid vacation in America by fostering corporate support in encouraging employees to take their earned time off. The organization has created a free Vacation Commitment toolkit, which can be downloaded at, and provides turnkey resources for companies to implement the program within their organizations. Employers will have access to an internal communications plan, sample correspondence, tips, and discounts on vacations for employees and more. Also in the kit are details about an opportunity for their employees to win a one-week paid vacation to Ka’anapali Beach Club in Maui, Hawaii, a Diamond Resorts International® property.

Another part of the initiative is the Vacation Commitment pledge, which invites employees to sign a petition that signifies their willingness to take all of their paid vacation time this year. “We know that folks always have the best intentions about taking their time off,” said John de Graaf, President of Take Back Your Time. “We’re hoping that if they actually learn about why it’s important for their mental and physical well-being, and that they take a few moments to sign the petition, they will actually follow through the process of actually taking the time away.”

The Vacation Commitment Initiative is sponsored by Diamond Resorts International®, a global leader in the hospitality and vacation ownership industry, dedicated to helping people lead healthier and happier lives by encouraging everyone to Stay Vacationed.™

Based in Seattle, Washington, Take Back Your Time is a non-profit coalition dedicated to improving lives by eliminating the epidemic of overwork in the United States and Canada. Take Back Your Time advocates for broader cultural change in the workplace and has committed to promoting policy change and cultural attitudes to improve our quality of life and influence better outcomes for all of us.