Jambojet accused of stranding passengers

After launching their new domestic destinations of Lamu, Malindi, and Ukunda only two days ago, apparently the goodwill Jambojet created with the new flights has already evaporated and gone out of the proverbial window as far as Ukunda is concerned.

Social media reports from this evening suggest that the Nairobi to Ukunda flight failed to land at the aerodrome, and airline officials have cited lack of runway lights for the cancellation.

Residents from Ukunda poured scorn over this response, saying the Ukunda airfield never had runway lights and was so far an airfield only licensed for daylight operations.

As a result, passengers destined for Europe were bussed to Mombasa’s Moi International Airport, but according to a Facebook posting, the evening service by Jambojet into Mombasa was also cancelled.


JamboJet should be renamed to KwaheriJet…

A total of 9 passengers missed their connecting flight to Europe because of “JamboJet.” The flight was scheduled to fly from Ukunda directly to JKA Nairobi at 18.15. At 18.30 we were told that the plane cannot land due to the runway not having lights! “We have arranged a buss to take you to Mombasa airport” we were told. Once we arrived in Mombasa the 20.15 plane had not even arrived! Not until 2 hours later did the plane arrive!! About 60 people were told that their JamboJet Mbsa-Nrbi flight had been cancelled and told to “try tomorrow” Meanwhile we had all lost our connecting flights and had to buy new tickets costing us thousands of U$, all thanks to this despicable airline. Kwaheri JamboJet, never again!!! These tourists will never come back to Kenya again, sad…



In view of the late time this news item emerged, the airline not respond, but is welcomed to reply in the morning and can be sure that their explanation will be featured. This is indeed a very negative start to what has been hailed as a new route and a lifeline for the Diani resorts.