British UFO archives giving conspiracy tourists new itineraries


The UK’s National Archives released a new batch of files about UFOs today, and despite our obsession with places tied to mysterious aerial activity, it seems the best place to spot unidentified aircraft is from commercial jets.

Four passengers headed from Gatwick to Hamburg in 1991 reported a cigar-shaped craft flying beneath their plane to the captain though the mystery of what it might’ve been was never solved. That same year, a pair of Alitalia pilots also spotted a UFO over Kent; British authorities determined it couldn’t have been a missile–but also had no guess as to what it might’ve been.

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Another UFO near Gatwick came so close to the airport that air traffic controllers warned a plane out of its way, though that pilot didn’t report seeing anything unusual. In the next four years, Britain plans to release almost 200 more files on UFO sightings, insuring that the UK will remain a top-of-the-list destination for conspiracy theorists.