Passengers of Hong Kong International Airport can now complete their airline check-in process in as little as one minute by using one of the 42 “Self check-in” kiosks available at Terminal 1, the Airport Authority Hong Kong announced Monday.

The self check-in system is part of the authority’s ongoing efforts to enhance passenger flow and to accommodate the worldwide trend of increasing passenger demand for self-help service, China’s XINHUA news agency quoted the authority as saying in an statement.

Using the kiosks requires just three steps: scan a valid travel/ticketing document or input e-ticket number; select a seat if one has not already been assigned; check accuracy and print a boarding pass.

Passengers carrying only hand luggage can then proceed directly to immigration, while those with check-in luggage may drop their bag(s) at the Bag Drop Counter located just steps away from the kiosks.

At present, six airlines have started using the kiosks for passenger check-in in the airport, including Air Canada; Cathay Pacific Airways; China Airlines; KLM Royal Dutch Airlines; Dragonair; and Northwest Airlines. These airlines handle about half of the originating passengers at the airport.

“We plan to expand this service to passengers checking in at off-airport locations like Airport Express Line stations and convention centers,” said Wong Yiu-fai, an official with the Airport Authority Hong Kong.