How to effectively communicate your brand


For the first time, delegates at World Travel Market (WTM) will have the opportunity to attend a crisis communications workshop facilitated by international reputation strategy and management consultants Regester Larkin. The session takes place on Thursday, November 13.

This fast-moving, interactive workshop will explore best practice crisis communications in response to a fictional crisis scenario. Delegates will gain practical experience and advice on how to communicate with stakeholders in order to protect their brand and business.

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The session will focus on communicating with key internal and external stakeholders during a crisis including providing support for those who have been affected.

Regester Larkin director and workshop facilitator Tim Johnson said, “Doing the right thing simply isn’t enough. You also need to be seen doing the right thing by communicating swiftly and effectively with all key stakeholders, including those directly affected, their families, the authorities, consular teams and, of course, the media. From the outset, you need to be perceived as the trusted professionals who will bring the situation under control.”

All organizations, from airlines, cruise companies, tour operators and agents selling their own packages, will benefit from attending this workshop and using it as an opportunity to review their organization’s state of preparedness in the event of a reputation-threatening incident.

Alongside the crisis communications workshop, an Introduction to PR Workshop will be facilitated by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations on Thursday, November 13. The one-hour Introduction to PR workshop will help delegates understand the ins an outs of PR, what exactly it is and is not, how it differs from marketing and advertising and, most importantly, what it can do and how to make it work in business.

By looking at who should be an organization’s key audience and then deciding which is the best way to reach them, delegates will be able to start to draw up some action strategies to make PR work effectively for their brand.

As the credit crunch makes everyone tighten their belts, this workshop will help individuals to utilize the most cost-effective of all of the communication techniques to reach not only customers but other important audiences.

The workshop is led by Laurel Hetherington, a very experienced CIPR trainer who will help you to make the most of what PR can do for you.

Both workshops form part of the communications program at WTM and take place in North Gallery Room Eight commencing with the Introduction to PR from 11:00-12:00 hrs followed by Crisis Communications at 12:30-13:30 hrs.

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