Russia demands India promptly investigate Russian tourist murder


NEW DELHI (eTN) – Russia has demanded that India promptly investigate the killing of a Russian tourist in an armed attack on the train she was traveling on, the Russian embassy to India said Sunday.

“The Russian embassy has sent the Indian Foreign Ministry an official note demanding that prompt measures be taken to search for and punish those guilty of the crime,” press secretary Andrei Lyashkevich said.

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Earlier Indian media said Nadezhda Klimova, her boyfriend Sergei and another Russian, Alina, were wounded when resisting unknown armed assailants who burst into the train and demanded that the passengers give them the money and jewelry they had. Klimova died in a hospital later.

Lyashkevich said Klimova, 47, came to India as a tourist in December. On December 27, she and her boyfriend took a train from Varanasi in the country’s north to Mumbai in the west, and it was the car the Russians were in that the assailants attacked that night.