Passenger sues airline


An Edmonton woman has launched an $85,000 lawsuit against Air Canada after alleging her vacation abroad was ruined when she was scalded as a result of an airline attendant spilling a hot beverage on her.

According to a statement of claim filed Sept. 30, Kathryn Revell was a passenger on Air Canada Flight 896, which flew from Vancouver to London, England on Oct. 6, 2006.

Revell alleges her inner thighs and pubic area were burned when the attendant either spilled the hot drink on her or caused it to be spilled on her.

She also alleges the Air Canada staff failed to treat her burn in accordance with reasonable first aid training and provided her with materials that were inappropriate or improper to treat the burn.

The city woman alleges the attendant was negligent for failing to ensure the tray at her seat was level before setting the hot beverage on it and for failing to set the drink down with due care and attention.

She alleges the airline was negligent for failing to provide properly trained and competent staff who could provide reasonable emergency care or medical services.

Revell claims she had been travelling to London to begin a four-week vacation in Europe and Africa and required treatment both during and after the trip.

She also alleges she experienced mental distress that diminished her enjoyment of the vacation.